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Clean and responsible business principles are part of Simon Lií»s business foundation. As an active partner of UN Global Compact, we support a strong approach to environmental challenges and undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility. We also encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
As leather is an important material for our industry and leather tanning can be a very polluting process, we have joined í░The Leather Working Groupí▒ a global initiative for environmentally responsible leather production started by Adidas and Nike. Simon Li is one of the only furniture brands in the Leather Working Group and we work actively to secure that our tanneries and suppliers adhere to the principles and become members.
Simon Li is striving to become Carbon neutral to fight against global warming and climate change. As a first major step, Simon Li installed 700 kWp of solar power panels at the Jiashan Factory complex in 2013. This solar installation covers more than 50% of the electricity usage of the Jiashan factory complex. Simon Li is preparing for investments in more sustainable energy sources, being self-sufficient with renewable energy sources before 2020 is the goal.
A broader environmentally sustainable business model is being developed.